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Workshop – Issues in Asian Art Research

Convened by Associate Professor Claire Roberts and Dr. Olivier Krischer, this half-day workshop brought together PhD scholars from universities across Melbourne who are working on topics related to Asian art. Participants made 10 minute presentations on a key idea or challenge associated with their research, followed by 10 minutes of questions and discussion. The aim of the workshop was to share research, create a platform for dialogue across institutional boundaries, and build a supportive environment for young scholars of Asian art in Melbourne.

Participants were invited to give a short 10 mins presentation on a key idea, issue or challenge in their research, followed by 10-15 mins of discussion and feedback from a diverse group of local and visiting international researchers, including Dr. Mark Erdmann, Dr. Tonia Eckfield, Ryoko Goto, Dr. Mingyuan Hu, Professor Nicole Huang, Dr. Rachel Marsden and Dr. Nicole Tse.

I contributed a paper titled “Mapping the Field.” The following is the abstract:

Given that the expression of (performance) art is distinct from the expression of linguistic discourse, Chloe asks, what is the role of art writing in the negotiation of (performative) artistic practice? Can writing about performance inform or educate us about performance art in a way that goes beyond responsive criticism?

This workshop is supported by the Macgeorge Bequest.