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Symposium – Asian Art Research Now

Convened by Associate Professor Claire Roberts and Dr. Mark Erdmann, this half-day workshop brings together PhD scholars from universities across Melbourne who are working on topics related to Asian art. Participants will make 10 minute presentations on a key idea or challenge associated with their research, which will be followed by 10 minutes of questions and discussion. The aim of the workshop is to share research, create a platform for dialogue across institutional boundaries, and build a supportive environment for young scholars of Asian art in Melbourne.

I contributed a paper titled “Collecting Data in an Interview Resistant Field.” The following is the abstract:

This presentation will outline various issues encountered while conducting research on contemporary performance art from Southeast Asia. Chloe will recollect several instances where attempts at data collection, including photographic and video documentation, formal interviews and notetaking or the visible transcription of ideas, have been challenged or frustrated through encounters with artists
who remain suspicious or ambivalent towards traditional interview techniques for political, economic or social reasons.

Date and TimeWednesday 20 November, 9am-2.30pm
VenueArts West, North Wing Room 156 (Lectorial Room 1), University of Melbourne