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Black Cube: The Stage for Performance in Singapore

I wrote a thing about the relationship between some forms of performance art and theatre in Singapore in the 1990s. This thing (sometimes referred to as an article) has been published in a special issue of Southeast of Now: Contemporary and Modern Art in Asia guest edited by Dr. Amanda Rath & Dr. Wulan Dirgantoro.

Southeast of Now is Open Access via Project Muse. This issue can be found here.

My essay can be directly accessed here.

In the chaos of publishing, I did not manage to properly include acknowledgements for this article.

The research for this article is part of my ongoing PhD at University of Melbourne, which is supported by a Melbourne Research Scholarship. Parts of the article have been presented in various forms at ICAS11 (2019) and Archipelagic Encounters (2020). The audiences’ feedback and critique were very welcome.

Images, recordings, facts, historical documents have been largely collected from Lee Wen (1957-2019), Ray Langenbach, The Substation Donor Collection, Debbie Ding’s The Substation Archive. Large parts of Lee Wen’s archive referenced here is available at Asia Art Archive (Hong Kong) through the work of Võ Hồng Chương-Đài & team and LADA (UK) through the work of Annie Jael Kwan.

I benefitted greatly for the extremely generous feedback of the two anonymous reviewers and the guest editors Amanda & Wulan.