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Conference – ‘Memory’ by CoVA Graduate Academy

On 2-3 September 2021, I was involved in delivering a postgraduate conference largely interested in artistic research and practice on Zoom for the Centre of Visual Arts, University of Melbourne. It was an absolutely fantastic experience hearing and learning about artistic research that continues to happen in these unusual times. We had people tuning in from all over the world for this conference. It was especially moving to see names of those who had graduated and already left Melbourne for other parts of Australia or internationally and to briefly, if very distantly, share space.

This was a monumental 3-stream conference that required the effort of 9 PhDs across the Art History department and the Victorian College of Arts. They were: Corinna Berndt, Elyssia Bugg, Miriam La Rosa, Chris Parkinson, Clare Rae, Belinda Scerri, Genevieve Trail, Jessica Laraine Williams. It was further supported by the amazing Jeremy Eaton of Currents, Eleanor Simcoe, Dr Danny Butt and Dr Suzie Fraser.

More information about the conference here.

Date2 September 2021, 11.45am-5pm (AEDT)
3 September 2021, 11am-6.45pm (AEDT)